Friday, September 16, 2016


Art is so fascinating. I personally have a passion for it. That's why I decided to make my blog about fine art. I specify "fine art" because there's many types of categories for art and fine art consists of. for example drawing, painting, sculptures and print making is what's under "fine art" if you looked it up on the internet.  I personally connect through art emotionally. It kind of speaks to me on a different level. There's an energy around different kinds of art. There's always negative and positive, cold or warm. Even the meaningless art has meaning.
Yes, my blog is about fine arts. There is more art out there than fine arts that I find pretty interesting that will be posted. Such as make up(professional or amateur), body painting, poems, and cultural art.
My hopes for this blog is just to share my opinions and hopefully make artists more known.  I would like to share the energy, the emotion, and my personal thoughts on the art that I post. And I want to know your thoughts and your opinions too. I want to see through your eyes and feel the energy you feel. This blog isn't just about me and my opinions and what I believe. Its about you and the artists.