Thursday, October 6, 2016

Do you want to learn how to draw some pretty good animals? If you are unmotivational about drawing and you want to excel in drawing then this book is great for you. Now if you're not good at shading or starting out with figures to make into something, this book gives you tips in the beginning of the book on how to shade and other useful techniques for your drawings to look more efficient.

If drawing animals isn't your thing  Jack Hamm makes other books too. My writing teacher told me she just isn't into animals. But she is into wonder woman, which is a good thing because Jack Hamm made a book called Cartooning The Head And Figure.  It's a book that opens the field of cartooning to anyone who enjoys to draw. I personally never read this book but i did look up a review and it has four and a half stars. It says “This book should be titled "The Encyclopedia of Cartooning the Head & Figure" since it not only demonstrates a variety of techniques, but it also thoroughly catalogs eyes, noses, mouths, expressions, and positions to name a few. Whether you use this book to learn to draw or to get ideas, you will use this book. ( )” Library Thing.

How To Draw Animals by Jack Hamm has the basic fundamentals for a beginner. The simple step by step instructions have over one thousand illustrations to visually show you how to draw the specific animal you wish to draw. This book is really good for beginners or even those who are experienced. I drew a couple of animals and they turned out amazing.

So take it from me, if you wish to improve in drawing then you should check his books out in your local library or even school library. If you don't really like to draw and u have no dedication to it then don't even waste your time with reading Hamm's books. There the type of books that you want if you're trying to improve or need tips for your drawings.

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