Friday, October 14, 2016


In my art class i learned about drawing hands and that made me think of my art blog. Hands are a really difficult thing to draw. Its always easier to start with a figure like a hand instead of trying to just jump into it.Image result for hand figure to start drawing
 As difficult as they are to draw they are used in some of the most beautiful pieces of art. Artist use them as a main focus in their work. Weather its drawing, painting, or using them as sculptures.Image result for hand drawings Image result for hand artImage result for hand art
 Hands say a lot. They make symbols for certain things, words, strength, power. The fingers represent things too. I saw this tattoo idea that Im  really considering. The index finger is blame, the middle finger is for hate, the ring finger is for love, the pinkie for promise, and the thumb for judgement. Your hands are your power. Your advantage to anything and everything you do. 

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  1. Your blog looks great and your art that Ive seen is also amazing!!! I was just reading something the other day that was saying your hands tell the story of your life. Old or young, they've held people and cared for them, cooked and cleaned, loved and lost. every wrinkle holds another story. I just found it beautiful and so interesting. That tattoo sounds really cool too!