Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Pillow, Wall, and Her Eyes

She needed an escape. The yelling, fighting, the pain. Autumn came home one day from school and first thing she did was scream into her pillow. The tears run down her face and into the white pillow. Her pillows always had black streaks on them. Inspiration hit her. She looks in the mirror and sees the makeup running down her face. She rubs the makeup around her eyes. Smearing it everywhere. She runs to the garage and grabs a bucket of black paint. Comes back into her room, sticks her hands in the paint and starts painting her wall. Black spreading it around. Smearing it all over her white wall.
She decides to take a bath. The warm water soothes her. She dunks her head under and starts to dream as she holds her breath...
."WAKE UP! OH MY GOD, can you hear me? get up!" Her mom picked her up out of the water and pumps her stomach. "Please don't go. please. Breathe Autumn, BREATHE!" Autumn gasps for air as she wakes up. She fell asleep in the bath and wakes up from the dream.
She walked out to the living room to find her dad passed out on the floor with a bottle of whiskey. She looked in the back yard and her brothers are playing. She cleaned up her dads mess and helps him on the couch.
"Hey Autumn!" the boys say.
 "Whats for dinner?"Luke says.
 "Pizza?" Autumn replied.
"YES!" Luke and Carter say in excitement.
There is no escape for Autumn today from her dads drunkenness'and family dis-functions. Today there is only pizza, and that good enough.

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