Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Installation art discovery

I was recently introduced to instalation art.Installation art is mostly desighned to transform the perspective of space. Its abstract, its landmarking, its public, and the matireals used have a wide variety. When I was first introduced into installation it immedeatly caught my atention to continue finding information. I came across a 3D drawing that was perfect for the definition if installation. Im not familiar with the name but its located in Paris. It's two girraffes standing side by side and as you walk over it tranfrorms into the front face of an elephant. What I gathered is that its displaying perpective, it all depends on how you see it from where your standing.
My intentions with showing this topic on my blog is my way of sharing my new experiences with anyone who checks it out. Im not a professional;im a amature. Maybe not even that. My point being that since im not a proffessional I dont expect my audience to be either. So its most likely new to you if your on my level.
I put the words "installation art" in the google search bar. The information that I found was very helpful. I looked at a few pictures that led to websites and took notes so I can learn more about the subject. For an example I found that instalation is a genre and has a wide variety of genres. lights, kenetic, landmarking, graphic desighn etc. I found that I like the enviromental installation the most.I feel like I have alot more knowlage on instalation and more on the variety it has. It's defenetly more a major genre than a minor in the art world. Mostly because its not only interesting or entertaining to look at while you walk or drive by, it has a deeper meaning in the actual work itself. 

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Jonna Pohjalainen
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