Thursday, December 15, 2016

Collaboration Blog

Have you ever wondered how animals invision things? Or have you ever imagined animals being artistic in a way we as humans are? We recently saw a video on youtube of intelligent animals painting pictures. Watch this! The link we just provided introduces elephants painting.
Elephants are exceptionally smart animals. They have the largest brain of any land animal and they have three times as many neurons than us! They can identify languages,use tools, show empathy, and have amazing memories. This shows us how they do so great in painting and how we know forsure that the elephant is painting from their own ideas. I watched a video on how it is they got the idea for them to paint. It said that they noticed the elephant scratching the floor with a stick and replaced it with a paintbrush and put them in front of a canvas.  
Elephants have amazing memories, no wonder why they can paint so well. In these photos it shows the elephant painting trees and other elephants most likely because that's what they're surrounded by.
The sad thing about this situation is that elephants are trained in a brutal way. First the people “break” them by beating them with weapons that have an axe like blade. They tie them up so they can't go anywhere and chain them to the floor and they use other weapons to harm the elephant to learn. The art is beautiful, and the elephants that create it are even more so. This collaboration blog is about elephants and their beautiful art pieces but I will not advocate it if elephants are being forced in a brutal way. Elephants have excellent memories so they can never forget what is done to them.

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